IP/MPLS Network

Today’s business environment requires setting up of multiple offices and operating centers of varied size and scale within a city, presence in multi cities and across the globe.

Omega Netkraft offers comprehensive managed wireless IP network within the office and wide area wireless LAN interlinking multiple offices within the city using core switching technology. We also deliver high end wireless IP based point to point and point to multipoint network anywhere and IP/MPLS network in most demanding remote regions of the country.

Bandwidth & Bandwidth Management

Omega Netkraft has tie ups with leading ISP brands and can source dedicated raw bandwidth at very affordable prices and deliver the same at any remote corner of the country. For clients whose business framework requires highly stable and reliable bandwidth we provide redundant internet gateway ensuring 99.99% uptime.

We also provide bandwidth management services incorporating highest security standards (Firewall) ensuring efficient use of internet data.

Remote Surveillance

In today’s world where tackling security issues have become paramount, Omega Netkraft offers consultancy for setting up military grade remote surveillance platforms (RSP) in difficult terrain and hostile environmental conditions providing power to see real time threats invisible to naked eye, giving true 24/7 imaging capability.

We design and offer network IP based systems, DVR standalone or DVR based theatre display and recording RSP using multiple PTZ cameras simultaneously with remote centralized command and control of independent cameras with field of view up to 20Kms.Our RSP cameras incorporates both FLIR and daylight imaging system with GPS pointing and designating capabilities.


We have truly pioneered the concept of Wi-Fi based internet access in India as early as 2004 when we first achieved the milestone of making Mysore the first city in the country to be Wi-Fi enabled. We offer full turnkey solution for full city-wide and campus wide Triple Play Wi-Fi network. We also offer cost effective AAA-Wi-Fi Hot Spot and Hot Zone solutions for small business enterprises.

Remote Management

Omega Netkraft is a leading provider of highly customized network solution for remote management in any demanding geographical location in the country.

Today’s Enterprise business framework requires having high capital processing and production units and machineries in remote locations requiring remote maintenance and operating procedures. We pride ourselves in being one of the very few providers of wide array of highly reliable and stable cost effective IP centric network edge and software services for real time Remote Management solutions of today’s industries requirement of improved safety and increased productivity.


With many businesses going global so is their logistics. They have facilities spread out across the country or around the world and need to maintain scalable, fast, secure and reliable communication between them.

Omega Netkraft offers fast, secure and reliable cost effective internet and intranet based site-to-site VPN and Remote-Access VPN services with scalability, network and policy management features.

Sat-Com Services

Our association with leading Satcom service provider helps us deliver complete portfolio of high quality and extremely reliable satellite LAN, WAN, Internet and Data communication services in wide range of environments in single and redundant configurations on C and Ku bands.